‘2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show’ at KINTEX starts August 31st

The show at South Korea will continue for 4 days, closing at September 3 (Sat)

The Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee led by Jeong Man-ki, Chairman of the Korea Automobile Industry Association (KAIA), will host the ‘2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show’ at KINTEX, South Korea, from August 31 (Wed) to September 3 (Sat), 2022.

Last year, the committee confirmed the next event early, stressing the importance of carbon neutrality, business exchanges in the show, and international interest. The committee is accepting exhibitor registrations through the show’s website, while more than twenty corporations submitted their forms so far.

Hydrogen-related companies and institutions from Europe will participate in the upcoming event to expend their presence. The committee also signed an agreement for the hydrogen industry exchange with GL events, a global leader in the MICE sector, at Paris, France on November. GL events also organizes HyVolution, the French Hydrogen Industry Exhibition, every October.

The signing ceremony featured Jeong Man-ki, the committee’s chairman, and Pierre Buchou, HyVolution’s event manager, from GL events. They affirmed the international cooperation essential to complete the all-stage value chain, including hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilization. Under the premise of developing hydrogen industry, they agreed to support each other’s overseas expansion.

Previous edition of ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show’ last September welcomed 154 companies from 12 countries around the world, generated more than 27,000 visitors and $81 million worth of trade consultations. The event proved global interest in hydrogen energy and became the forefront of Korean hydrogen exhibition.

According to the exhibition satisfaction survey conducted on visitors and participants, 98% responded their satisfaction with the exhibition contents, and 98% of those expressed their intention of revisit.

Furthermore, when asked on the effectiveness of exhibition in terms of generating business opportunities, 75% expressed their success. Similar majority of respondents acclaimed a high standard of exhibitors (70%), COVID-19 quarantine management (77%) and exhibition operation (70%). One official from the committee said, “we plan to grow the Hydrogen Mobility + Show into a global standard of hydrogen exhibition, in accordance with the growing importance of carbon neutrality and vitalization of the hydrogen economy. We will do our best to promote it.”