Burning Bros announces launching of Vietnamese fashion community Dabi at Try Everything 2021

Courtesy of Burning Bros

Burning Bros (CEO Seo Seong-wook) participated in Try Everything 2021 held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul from Sep. 15 (Wed) to 17 (Fri).

Burning Bros is pioneering and leading the Vietnamese women’s fashion market through Dabi, Vietnam’s largest women’s fashion community. Dabi has achieved 100,000 cumulative downloads in one year since its launch, and provides users with a special experience through various fashion-specific features.

It is operating women’s fashion communities with 400,000 members on social media, and proving users high-quality fashion information and special commerce experiences.

A Burning Bros staff said, “Even though Vietnam’s e-commerce market is growing rapidly, there is still a perception that ‘fashion’ is a product that must be purchased offline rather than online. As low-priced products are being sold on an unstable commerce system, buying clothes online is still a high-risk purchasing method.”

By targeting this niche market, Dabi collects information on all women’s fashion products distributed in Vietnam and selects and provides only reliable products and high-quality fashion information through an AI-based inspection model which it developed. Through this, it provides users with a reliable commerce experience even online.

Courtesy of Burning Bros

Dabi inspects product information through an AI-based fashion classification model specialized in Vietnam, and integrates and provides review information fragmented on various social media. Through these various fashion information and fashion-specific functions, Dabi provides “quality information” and “reliable commerce experience” that are different from open markets and social media.

Burning Bros was selected for pe-tips and SBA Vietnam Localization Program through local alpha test of Dabi in 2019, and its potential was recognized. Through continuous market verification, the service was launched in August of last year and has now achieved 100,000 cumulative downloads.

Based on these achievements, it successfully attracted seed investment through Spring Camp and Bluepoint Partners earlier this year. Also, a local corporation was established in the first half of 2021, and a local development team in Ho Chi Minh is spurring the optimization and upgrading of services.

Burning Bros announced that it will launch an in-app commerce function in the second half of 2021 in line with the easing of local COVID-19 social distancing. Through collaboration with the stores, it plans to produce accurate product measurement information and detailed photo information, and through this, it plans to provide commerce functions along with information necessary for users for purchasing.

Also, based on the community activities of its own Facebook group users, it plans to introduce a community function in which users directly share mix-match information within the Dabi app, and gradually improve it as a community function within the app.

Courtesy of Burning Bros

A staff from Burning Bros said, “Dabi is setting a new standard for Vietnamese fashion commerce, and is growing with the goal of becoming the best fashion commerce and community in Southeast Asia and Asia beyond Vietnam.”

Seoul Startup Hub, the major startup institution of Seoul, established a network with foreign governments like the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam to provide localization fostering program for promising companies to better advance into the global market.

The results were announced at the 2021 global startup festival Try Everything. In Try Everything, global startup experts from more than 15 countries, global conglomerates, VCs, ACC, and startup specialized organizations are operating a total of 91 scale-ups and startup programs for companies interested in entering the global market.

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