Ceno Tech, Implements Logistics Automation Through Wireless Charger… “Advancement of ‘autonomous wireless charging solution’ in progress through continual development!”

Photo – Ceno Tech

Ceno Tech, a company that is the recipient of the national innovation cluster development industry support, was established in 2006 in the field of ceramics, FERRITE material, and elements, which are the materials for electric circuits, and has been continually developing the technology in this area. They supply products to domestic global electronics companies by providing products based on these developments.

From 2012, Ceno Tech started research and development in electronic components and products in the field of wireless charging and wireless communication, and since 2016, they have been developing and selling 5 types of wireless chargers in the field of low-power wireless charging such as smartphones. From 2020, their aim is to be able to wirelessly charge large-capacity batteries mounted on equipment or trucks by implementing the electric transfer cart battery charging system that contributes to the automation of logistics movement in factories and logistics transfer sites, into a high-power wireless charging system.

Starting from the support businesses by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Innopolis Korea Innovation Foundation since May 2020, Ceno Tech’s industrial wireless charger Ceno IWCS has been continuously monitored, and commercialization will begin full swing, starting from the second half of 2024.

When charged wired or wirelessly, this product can be monitored and controlled on the exclusive app or the webpage through the integration of IoT technology and communication technology. It provides a solution that enables more effective unmanned logistic site implementation when combined with the logistics management system control function.

In the case of the existing wireless charging, in order to supply power, a charging line buried under the floor or a guided wire or rail to move to a charging point was necessary. However, plans are to further advance Ceno Tech’s product into a station form of IWCS by connecting it to autonomous driving. It will consist of a power transmission device that can be easily attached to the wall at the charging point, equipment and facilities, and a power receiving device that is attached to the bogie side.

An official from Ceno tech said, “The autonomous driving wireless charging solution, which will be launched in 2022 and completed in 2023, will continue to be further advanced after development to improve the product’s completeness. Plans are to continually upgrade the web-based wireless charging control management solution part as well so that it becomes more convenient for consumers to use and the functional part satisfactory.”

Meanwhile, Chungcheongbuk-do selected ‘Intelligent High-tech Part Industry’ as part of the fostering industry support from the National Innovation Cluster and has been carrying out the project since 2018 with support from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Chungbuk-do. Chungbuk-do and Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Promotion Team (Chungbuk TP) focus on Chungbuk Innovation City (Jincheon-gun, Eumseong-gun) to support investment attraction, operate innovation network, discover regulatory barriers and improve systems, plan to nurture clusters, manage performance, and promote global connection. In order to achieve this, they are promoting the integration of fostering industries and maximizing regional innovative growth capabilities through establishment of cooperation channel, technology•marketing, and commercialization support.