‘CGS’, a company specializing in manufacturing machines for special purposes, introduces a hand shower cleaner equipped with an optical sensor… “3-in-1 function of washing-drying-hand sanitizing”

Photo – CGS

CGS, a company which is part of fostering industry support from the Chungcheongbuk-do National Innovation Cluster, has developed a hand shower cleaner equipped with an optical sensor. This is a comprehensive operating system product that manages hands hygienically by washing hands through automatic water supply and drying them with wind using a blower motor through an air purification filter.

It is a product with 3-in-1 functions of washing and drying with water and disinfecting hands with cleaning solution, and an official explained that it is differentiated from products released in the existing market. AUTO SYSTEM through object recognition using a smart sensor and the sanitary function are excellent with the contact-free faucet.

An official from the company said, “This product is equipped with a water ON/OFF solenoid valve, so user can wash your hands frequently, so it is an essential tool for health and hygiene. We are trying to prevent infectious diseases by eliminating the power of transmission of germs and viruses or infection, and to provide a breakthrough in the smart hand sanitizer industry.”

CGS is about to release the ‘Golf Putting Practice Machine (God of Putting)’ in January 2023. This product is a portable smart putting practice device that incorporates IOT technology.