Daesung Unveils New Technologies in CES 2023, including Smart Beekeeping System

Daesung's Hornet Trap
Daesung’s Hornet Trap

Daesung will present its new beekeeping products focused on sustainability at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. Daesung aims to resolve the problem of conventional wasp capturing, which may kill innocuous insects by accident and harm the natural ecosystem.

Daesung’s first new product in CES 2023 is the Hornet Trap, an eco-friendly ESG product protecting the hive by targeting the habit of wasps without attractors like fermentation liquid. Just with an installation at the hive’s entrance, it focuses and catches wasps in autonomous function, ultimately reducing the time, labor, and other costs for pest control.

The new Hornet Trap will start crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indigogo in the first half of 2023.

Daesung's app based beekeeping system. App layout (left) and the managing device (right)
Daesung’s app based beekeeping system. App layout (left) and the managing device (right)

The second new product in CES 2023 is the latest lineup of SmartHive, its app based beekeeping system. This system utilizes elastic carbon-based heating elements imitating bees’ heat generation and the integrated manager with far-infrared rays. Through the app controls, the manager observes honeybee growth environments in multiple beehives, with automatic specifiers, water supply control, and internal bee environment settings.

“I’m proud to participate this year, following last year. We will continue to introduce new ways for all consumers to enjoy the best beekeeping experience possible,” said Jung Hyuk, CEO of Daesung.

In addition, Daesung promotes its international expansion, including joint R&D projects with Spanish beekeepers and ODA projects with Uzbekistan. Daesung promised that it is prepared to welcome companies and governments interested in its high-tech beekeeping business.