Don katsu without meat! SY Solution’s Meat Change showcases “Farmer Sowed Farm Katsu”

Farmer Sowed Farm Katsu | Courtesy of SY Solution

Farmer Sowed Farm Katsu released by Meat Change, an alternative meat brand of SY Solution (CEO Park Seo-young), was finally selected as the certified product in healing category in SEOUL FOOD AWARDS 2021 held in last July.

Alternative food is bio fusion food, and is an area where diversification is focused in food tech. Alternative meat is attracting worldwide attention along with cultured meat, and SY Solution launched its alternative brand Meat Change in March this year and entered the meat substitute market with the “Farmer Sowed Meat” series, receiving favorable reviews.

Sandwich | Courtesy of SY Solution

Meat Change’s Farmer Sowed Meat uses soy protein extracted from soybeans and oyster mushroom to achieve the texture of meat. Also, unlike other vegetable meat that smell like beans, the company masked the smell of beans with its exclusive technology to provide alternative meat to not only vegetarians but also general consumers.

SY Solution has been recognized for its items by receiving the award from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in June and the award from the Minister of SMEs and Startups in July. Continuing success, it was finally selected as a certified product in the healing category at the SEOUL FOOD AWARDS 2021 in July, its technology being recognized once again.

SY Solution CEO Park Seo-young has been developing customized solutions ranging from a mixed version of meat and plant-based meat to a 100% plant-based meat version using his 14 years of meat processing experience. Starting with the recently introduced vegetable pork cutlet Farm Katsu, the company is additionally developing products such as meatballs and neobiani as well as meal kits and HMR, will also launch a brand for vegans.

Farmer Sowed Meat Patty | Courtesy of SY Solution

SY Solution will be available in Korea, and soon to overseas markets such as the US and China as well. The company has high expectations for what kind of change Meat Change will have in the alternative meat market currently receiving attention from the world.

The official from SY Solution said, “Meat Change has been constantly researching popular flavors to raise awareness of general consumers about alternative meat, and we will continue to create healthy food that anyone can enjoy with our farmer’s alternative meat products.”