Hyundai Mobis introduces its urban shared future mobility concept, M.Vision X and M.Vision POP

Hyundai Mobis disclosed its urban shared mobility concept cars, M.Vision X and M.Vision POP, and other new technologies at the R&D headquarters in Korea. The mobility platform, introduced on this day, has re-interpreted the passenger experience and communication methods from the viewpoint of interconnection and consideration in a contact-free age, and can entertain users through convergence of new technologies.

M.Vision X, 4-seater purpose-based mobility, using a 360º window as a display

M.Vision X is purpose-based 4-seater mobility, which provides a customized experience based on a unique interpretation of interior space. As the windows of the vehicle can be transformed into a display with Virtual Space Wall, it is possible to use all 360º transparent windows of the vehicle as a screen for watching sports games or performances. Personalized control of the displays is also available, as multiple screens are installed in the windows of the vehicle. While one passenger uses the display as a transparent window, other passenger can use a screen to watch a movie. Adjusting seats for different usage of windows is also possible.

M.Vision POP, the urban shared mobility concept car, and a 2-seater small EV mobility

M.Vision POP is the exceptionally small mobility concept based on electric vehicles, developed under the theme of ‘TECH JOY.’ It focuses on giving users experience through a convergence of the latest technologies of Hyundai Mobis. The core solution of M.Vision POP is ‘PHOBILITY’, combining Phone and Mobility, aiming mobility enjoyed on a smartphone. It is a new mobility technology that introduces the concept of smartphone and steering wheel docking to control the vehicle with the smartphone. The smartphone in the steering wheel becomes the cockpit of the automobile itself. The smartphone navigation screen interfaces with the front display of the vehicle, and the user recognition or voice recognition function can be used as well. It is also possible to use smartphone sensors for wireless steering of the automobile.

Hyundai Mobis also unveiled the next-generation integrated cockpit system (M.VICS: MOBIS Vision of Integrated Cockpit System) together with M.Vision X and M.Vision POP. This integrated cockpit is a next-generation system in the mass-production stage that integrates all the core technologies of Hyundai Mobis, e.g. ADAS, biometrics and Blooming Sound. In consideration of COVID-19, Hyundai Mobis produced a demonstration video of the integrated cockpit system, and a contact-free promotion targeting global automakers is underway.

Photo Source: Official Press Release