King Star Lighting introduces special lighting that helps in real life at the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021

Sterilization light Twinstar│Image Source- King Star Lighting

King Star Lighting Co., Ltd. will participate in ‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021′ held at the Exhibition Hall 1 of KINTEX in Ilsan for 3 days from October 13th (Wed) to 15th (Fri) and introduce special lights that are helpful in real life.

In this exhibition, sterilization lamps, fine dust electronic signboards, and plant growth lamps released in the second half of this year will be exhibited.

‘Twinstar’ is a sterilization light that is harmless to the human body and has excellent sterilization power, in the form of flat light, downlight, and stand light, it has regular mode(450nm), sterilization mode(405nm), and germ-killing mode (450nm+405nm).

In addition, this product can operate all three modes with one switch, and can be installed in places where general household lights were installed. In particular, it is characterized by emitting light different from ultraviolet light with a wavelength of visible light different from UV light.

The ‘Plant Grow Light’, released in the form of a bar/round downlight, helps plants to grow and helps them to grow healthy.

Plant grow lights│Image Source- Kingstar Lighting

As a characteristic of the product, the color rendering is 96 or higher, and it is the most similar to the sun. Here, it is important that the color development and growth of plants can be increased by 30% or more by acting as the sun in places where the sun does not enter or the weakened sunlight that penetrates through vinyl.

The ‘fine dust billboard’ is a traffic light-type billboard that measures fine dust, humidity, and temperature in a space 2M above the ground and displays it in real time. The product is composed of a wall-mounted horizontal and vertical type and a post type (one-sided/double-sided/4-sided).

In addition, the ‘fine dust billboard’ is more effective because it measures the height appropriate for the height of the pedestrian, and shows the fine and ultra-fine dust in the air we actually breathe, as well as the temperature and humidity levels.

Fine dust billboard│Image Source of King Star Lighting

A King Star Lighting official said, “All of the products introduced this time are harmless to the human body, and there are many people such as Sejong Milky Way Park, various public facilities, schools (sterilization lights), various farms and smart farm systems (plant grow lights), traffic lights and parks, and it is also effective in the vicinity of public gathering places (fine dust, etc), therefore we are expecting get a good response and expected effect from society.”

‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021’ organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and managed by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, will be conducted by integrating the 19th International LED&OLED EXPO and PHOTONICS+LASER EXPO. The main exhibit items are as follows. △LED △OLED △DISPLAY △Bio LED △Electronics △Optical Communication

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