Kyungwon Tech, “Leading future construction machinery technology and the domestic excavator attachment industry!”

Photo – Kyungwon Tech

Kyungwon Tech, a company which is part of fostering industry support from the Chungcheongbuk-do National Innovation Cluster, is composed of excavator-related attachment, hydraulic line, maintenance, and machining divisions. The excavator attachment division, the main business, manufactures excavator equipment that can be applied in various environments to meet the needs of consumers by permeating throughout construction·industrial sites.

The excavator equipment ‘Rotating Arm’ developed by Kyungwon Tech is a technology intensive product that incorporates various patented technologies including wear resistance of gears, prevention of gap allowance, and weight reduction.

‘Rotating Link’ is connected to the end of the arm and rotates, thereby rotating and operating various attachments such as forklifts, stone grabs, wood grabs, and buckets, which had to be fixed in the existing link. Through rotating link, landscaping, stone materials, crushing, slope work, and other works can be done which was impossible in various work sites and shortens work time.

‘MULTI-GRAB’ is a not like grab device that acts like traditional attachments, which is attached by links, and had to be detached when it is not used or to use other attachment, which was very inconvenient. This product can be installed inside of the arm and when it is needed, it can be used as a grab by using cylinder. This requires structural changes of excavator.

Kyungwon Tech has CE certification, Inno-biz, Small-But-Strong Company Certificate, Root-tech Certificate, ISO14001, ISO9001, Venture Company, and Specialized Parts and Materials Company Certificate. Currently, they hold 104 intellectual property rights including patents. Through this, they not only provide solid competitiveness in the market, but also lead the industry based on high value-added technology.

An official from Kyungwon Tech said, “Our company is a global company leading the excavator attachment industry, supplying quality products to the domestic market based on the best technology. We are also building the future by entering overseas markets following the expansion of the construction industry in the Middle East and Asia. Through this, we have a goal of leading the construction equipment technology and the domestic attachment industry.”

Meanwhile, Chungcheongbuk-do selected ‘Intelligent High-tech Part Industry’ as part of the fostering industry support from the National Innovation Cluster and has been carrying out the project since 2018 with support from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Chungbuk-do. Chungbuk-do and Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Promotion Team (Chungbuk TP) focus on Chungbuk Innovation City (Jincheon-gun, Eumseong-gun) to support investment attraction, operate innovation network, discover regulatory barriers and improve systems, plan to nurture clusters, manage performance, and promote global connection. In order to achieve this, they are promoting the integration of fostering industries and maximizing regional innovative growth capabilities through establishment of cooperation channel, technology·marketing, and commercialization support.