‘Maroo-On’, an export promising small and medium-sized company, supplies power devices related to charging and discharging of secondary batteries with international patented technology… “We will release products that realize carbon neutrality”

CEO Yeon-soo Han │ Photo – Maroo-On

Maroo-On, a company which is part of fostering industry support from the Chungcheongbuk-do National Innovation Cluster, has developed a new concept hybrid ESS (Energy Storage System) product that can replace the existing UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) based on their know-how accumulated over 13 years. Through this development, they are growing a new business as a new growth engine by developing a renewable energy power brokerage platform that combines micro power plant supply, energy integrated management center for remote control of micro power plant, big data, and block chain security technology.

A newly developed product, the hybrid discharge system for reuse and recycling of batteries after being used in EV, solves the problems of conventional salt water discharge, which was traditionally used for complete discharge of lithium batteries. Through an electrical short circuit function to reduce process costs, prevent accidents, and improve the environment, and they are expanding the battery reuse and recycling market.

They have completed lineup of high-voltage EV battery packs of 1000V, 500V class high-capacity discharge system and 100V class discharge system for EV modules. In addition, they have acquired CE and NRTL overseas standard certifications and is concentrating on exports.

The battery maintenance system has been steadily exporting more than 80% of sales since the first year of their establishment, and in 2022, they won top prize of the 300 million USD export by Korea International Trade Association.

Photo – Maroo-On

An official from Maroo-On said, “Currently, we are developing a Hybrid ESS product, an energy storage device with UPS function, and a power transaction mediation platform. Hybrid ESS can replace existing UPS installed in various locations that uses UPS, and has excellent price competitiveness by reusing batteries after using EVs. By linking to Maroo-On’s electricity trading platform, energy management and small-scale electricity trading are possible, so it is possible to flexibly respond to RE100 in the future, and utilize renewable energy such as solar and wind power to launch and produce products that lead in peak reduction, carbon neutrality, and prevention of global warming.