[Pangyo Bio & Medical] Institut Pasteur Korea-Seongnam City Join Forces to Nurture Talents in the Bio Field!

On the 24th, Institut Pasteur Korea signed an ‘Agreement on the Operation of a Bio-Field Talent Cultivation Program’ in the mayor’s office on the 4th floor of Seongnam City Hall in the presence of Ji Young-mi, head of Institut Pasteur Korea and Shin Sang-jin, mayor of Seongnam.

In accordance with the agreement, Institut Pasteur Korea operates a job experience program for local middle and high school students and a bio-field internship program for college students.

The middle and high school job experience program will be held for 250 students from March to December next year. The institute operates a one-day experience program at all times, providing a field trip program to state-of-the-art research facilities and a time to meet with the scientists.

In addition, bio-field experience program for middle school students will be also operated. In the first and second semesters of next year, 15 students will be selected, and the program will be operated with lectures and experiments in the life science field over 4-5 courses.

The college student bio-field internship program is for 20 students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, who have lived in Seongnam for more than one year. Seongnam City, which will participate in new drug development and infectious disease research programs at Institut Pasteur Korea during next summer vacation (June-August) and 2024 winter vacation (December-February), is supporting the necessary expenses for the student programs, 40 million won.

Ji Young-mi, head of Institut Pasteur Korea, said, “I am delighted to have established close cooperation with Seongnam City for the common goal of nurturing talents in the bio field. As global institute in Seongnam City, we will contribute to nurturing future talents who will lead the bio-health field, by providing education and training programs with our capabilities in infectious disease field, advanced technology, and multinational human resource.”

Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-jin said, “It is important to nurture talents, which are the foundation of the bio-health industry, in order to lay the foundation for the creation of a special city for the 4th industry, and for sustainable growth.” He added, “This program is especially meaningful in the sense that we are with Institut Pasteur Korea, a globally renowned research institute.”

Meanwhile, Institut Pasteur Korea, a non-profit research institute focusing on infectious disease research, was established in 2004 through science and technology cooperation between Korea and France. Researchers from 11 countries are working hard to develop new therapeutics and preventive strategies for global public health. In addition, as the representative research institute in the Asia-Pacific region of the Pasteur Network, which consists of 33 research institutes in 25 countries, it is taking the lead in wide-ranging international cooperation.

Institut Pasteur Korea was the first private research institute, not a government-funded research institute, to be designated as the University of Science and Technology (UST) campus in 2014, and it is also operating an integrated master’s, doctoral, and master’s and doctoral combined courses in bio-medical convergence major.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom