[Pangyo Bio & Medical] Kakao Brain and Korea University’s Anam Hospital research and develop healthcare ‘Hyperscale AI model’

Kakao Brain has begun researching and developing hyperscale artificial intelligence (AI) models in the healthcare field.

Kakao Brain announced that it had recently signed an MOU with Korea University’s Anam Hospital to research hyperscale AI models in the medical field. It is their second business agreement with a hospital since the contract with the Catholic Central Medical Center in July ended.

It is essential to cooperate with several leading hospitals in order to develop high-quality medical services with hyperscale AI technology. With the goal to help determine and diagnose diseases, including incurable diseases that are difficult to diagnose, Kakao Brain plans to enhance research competitiveness by actively supporting the development of medical services that apply hyperscale AI models through this joint study.

In order to research and develop hyperscale AI in the medical field, Kakao Brain and Korea University’s Anam Hospital plan to ▲build necessary research infrastructure for data learning, ▲ exchange medical advice and research, ▲ and prove clinical usefulness for technology commercialization.

In particular, the company plans to improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical services, starting with medical imaging, by applying hyperscale AI models to the medical field.

Kim Il-doo, CEO of Kakao Brain, said, “Using this agreement with Korea University’s Anam Hospital as an opportunity, we look forward to play a leading role in the medical field with hyperscale AI,” adding that, “We will accelerate research and development of hyperscale AI in healthcare and continue to challenge the global health care market through cooperation with various hospitals in the future.”

Eul-sik Yoon, president of Korea University’s Anam Hospital, said, “By combining the excellent research capabilities of Korea University’s Anam Hospital, which can create high-quality medical big data, and Kakao Brain’s innovative technology, we expect to develop a new service that can help medical staff. We hope that the cooperation with Korea University’s Anam Hospital and Kakao Brain will give us the momentum to show off our huge AI R&D capabilities in various fields of healthcare.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom