[Pangyo Bio & Medical] Kakao Enterprise-KangBuk Samsung Hospital jointly develop the industry’s first ‘Health Checkup Guidebot’

Kakao Enterprise and Sungkyunkwan University Medical School’s KangBuk Samsung Hospital will jointly develop the health care industry’s first health checkup guidebot based an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service called ‘Kakao I Connect Talk’.

Both companies will support almost 500,000patients per year who visit KangBuk Samsung Hospital to provide more convenient health checkup servicethrough the health checkup guidebot.

Users can receive information about the laboratory through KakaoTalk upon registration on the day of the examination without downloading a separate app and also get answers for any question that they might have during the examination through KakaoTalk Channel. For example, if user enters ‘how many tests are left’, the chatbot will notify user of the remaining examinations, and if user enters ‘tell me the waiting number’, user can check the waiting number. It is expected that the user’s convenience will be further enhanced as information can be easily checked on KakaoTalk without the need to find a person in charge at the hospital.

Kakao iConnect Talk, introduced in KangBuk Samsung Hospital health check up guidebot, is an intelligent AI chatbot service that provides notifications, publicity, and customer service through a single KakaoTalk channel. Based on advanced machine learning technology and learning data such as portals and search services accumulated over many years, it has the industry’s best Korean recognition performance, so it provides natural answers by understanding customers’ questions without problems even with typos and incorrect spacing.

Both companies plan to make the entire health checkup process more efficient through the checkup guidebot, and work together to discover a business model for creating a customer-centered future hospital through convergence between customer communication channels and expansion of an AI-based call center system.

Hyun-chul Shin, General Director of KangBuk Samsung Hospital, said, “Through the development of this guidebot, we hope our patients using the examination center will be able to receive easier and more convenient guidance than before. In the future, we plan to expand the function so that we can continuously communicate on the same channel from reservation to result inquiryin addition to the guide on the day of the health checkup.”

Jin-min Choi, Vice President of Kakao Enterprise, said, “I am glad to lead the digital transformation of the industry by developing the first health checkup guidebot in the healthcare industry with KangBuk Samsung Hospital. Kakao Enterprise plans to cooperate with various industry partners so that more users can easily and conveniently experience the advanced digital healthcare system by introducing AI technology to the healthcare field.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom