[Pangyo Bio & Medical] Samyang Corporation Participates in ‘HI JAPAN 2022’

Samyang Corporation, a food and chemical affiliate of Samyang Holdings, recently participated in ‘HI (Health Ingredients) JAPAN 2022’, an exhibition of health functional ingredients and products held in Tokyo, Japan.

At this exhibition, Samyang Corporation focused on non-digestible maltodextrin (NMD), a material that can display functionality in general foods. Non-digestible maltodextrin, a water-soluble dietary fiber, is a functional ingredient that can help ▲ smooth bowel movements, ▲ suppression of postprandial blood sugar rise, and ▲ improvement of blood triglycerides. Currently, Samyang Corporation is producing powder and liquid non-digestible maltodextrin under the brand ‘Fiberest’.

‘Allulose’, which is specialized in reducing sugar, also received great coverage at the event. Allulose, a representative specialty ingredient of Samyang, is a sweet ingredient contained in figs and grapes, which has a sweetness similar to sugar, but has zero calories, thus it is called the best next-generation sweetener. Samyang Corporation recently built a specialty plant in Ulsan and is producing crystalline allulose that is easy to distribute.

In addition, Kestose, a type of fructooligosaccharide used as an ingredient for health functional food, was introduced. Samyang Corporation is conducting a human application test for Kestose to get it approved as a health functional food ingredient.

In Japan, where the exhibition was held, the use of functional ingredients has been prevalent in the development of various foods such as confectionery, bakery, beverage, and supplementary food. The general food functionality labeling system was introduced there in 2015, six years earlier than Korea. In particular, non-digestible maltodextrin is one of the most used ingredients in the Japanese functional food market among various functional ingredients.

In order to effectively promote these key specialty ingredients, Samyang displayed raw material samples as well as products with their actual ingredients such as beverages, processed sugar products, protein bars, and syrups by category. In addition, brochures and leaflets were provided along with tasting samples to help visitors understand and draw their attention.

Choi Nak-hyun, CEO of Samyang Food Group, said, “We participated in the exhibition to introduce Samyang’s specialty ingredients to potential customers, and it was so successful that more than 600 people visited and consulted for three days during the event.” He added, “We will continue to participate in functional-food-related exhibitions, and we will also actively take part in global food ingredient exhibitions outside of Japan to raise awareness of Samyang’s specialty ingredients and encourage the development of new products using them.”

Samyang Corporation plans to introduce Samyang’s specialty ingredients to overseas markets by participating in ‘Supply Side West (SSW) 2022’ held in Las Vegas, USA in November after participating in ‘HI JAPAN 2022’.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom