[Pangyo Issue] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the 3rd week of December

Kids Note Is Targeting Silver Care Market with Smart Reminder Note, “Family Note”

Kids Note Co., Ltd. announced that it would expand its business and enter the silver care market. Kids Note recently unveiled the “Family Note” service for the first time.

Family Note is a service created to help communication between nursing/home facilities and the customer’s families. Using Family Note, the family members can easily check the daily life and health status of the elderly through the app. When information is sent to the facility, it gets also sent to “AlimTalk” system, and even elderly family members who have difficulty using the app can easily receive notifications through KakaoTalk.

The version released this time consists of essential functions such as reminder note, album, and announcements, and the company plans to add more functions such as ▲meal table ▲pickup service ▲medication request form ▲facility information download service, through its series of updates.

In addition, Family Note will also launch ‘Family Care ERP’, an ERP program that supports the work of nursing hospitals and facility workers. The most noteworthy feature of the Family Care ERP program is the system optimized for the personnel, reflecting the voices of the people in the field. ▲ Schedule management linked with the corporation system, ▲ schedule management using RFID tags, ▲ automatically calculated salary details, ▲ electronic signature function that can be used for evaluation of the corporation will be provided.

The Family Care ERP program also went through a beta test earlier this month and its partner companies started using the service. When the Family Care ERP was created, the company listened to the voices of the actual users. As a result the service is receiving positive reviews from the users, saying, “It is very helpful because it is composed of essential functions, and it is satisfying level of the user convenience in design and readability.”

Since the launch of Family Note, Kids Note has been cooperating with various partners from various angles to enter the silver market and vitalize the senior tech industry. In the future, we will continue to listen to the voices of related organizations and sites and reflect them in the service.

Choi Jang-wook, CEO of Kids Note, said, “The silver market is another place where communication service is essential, and especially we decided to enter the silver care market, thinking that it is our responsibility to contribute by reflecting the value of communication just as we did with Kids Note.” He added, “I hope that the elderly and their families will experience better communication service provided with our skill accumulated over the past 10 years with Kids Note and the stable infrastructure of Kakao.”

Shudder’s “Beam Monster,” Media Interior Solution Has 124% Sales Growth in 2 Months

Shudder Co., Ltd announced that its media interior solution “Beam Monster” is recording 124% sales growth in just two months after its launch.

Beam Monster is a streaming solution developed based on various content IP and digital signage technology. Because it utilizes a web platform, interior video content can be uploaded anytime, anywhere, and the video can be easily replaced with a single click.

Shudder provides 3-Way service through its solution. ▲ Media art service and cutting the cost for the remodeling for small businesses, ▲ opportunities for content sales revenue for content creators, ▲ media for nationwide advertisement for the advertisers.

On the 3rd last month, the company participated in the “Incheon International One-person Media Festival” held in Songdo, Incheon as a partner of 3Cubed. The Beam Monster service booth prepared at the event drew positive reaction from many visitors. In addition, many local and central government officials, including the mayor of Incheon and the director of the Incheon Tourism Organization, who visited the event, showed great interest.

 “We are planning to launch an outdoor advertising service in the second half of next year,” said Shudder’s CEO Lee Seung-geun. “We are preparing for more collaboration by recruiting local sales vendors and content creators,” He added.

Shudder is a media art interior startup, and was selected for the 2022 Startup Leap Package Support Project by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and is receiving customized support such as commercialization and mentoring from the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation.

AhnLab-FESCARO Signs MOU for Cooperation in the Field of Automotive Cyber Security

AhnLab signed the ‘MOU for Cooperation in the Automotive Cyber Security Field’ with FESCARO, the vehicle security and software company, at the AhnLab company building.

AhnLab and FESCARO signed the MOU to jointly respond to the rising security risk in automobiles following the increasing amount of software introduced in cars and expansion of communication in cars internally and externally.

With this MOU, the two companies will work together in areas such as ▲the automotive internal communication and electronic control device security business ▲the security business in the fields of self-driving/autonomous cooperative driving ▲and the security business in IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) outside of the field of automobiles.

Moving forward, the two companies plan to combine the capabilities and resources the two companies possess, with AhnLab’s integrated security expertise in the fields of IT·OT and FESCARO’s automotive security and software development capabilities, for research in the field of integrated mobility security and to discover business opportunities.

To this end, AhnLab will provide FESCARO with technology to respond to endpoint and network security risks, security consulting, security task services, security expertise, and risk response know-how. FESCARO plans to share technology for automobile security that protects various electronic control devices and systems that communicate internally and externally with automobiles.

Seokmin Hong, the CEO of FESCARO, said that, “As digital transformation is accelerated in the automotive industry as well, ‘connectivity’ and ‘security’ are being emphasized,” and said that, “In this age of mobility with connected cars and autonomous driving already beginning, we will work to provide a safer driving environment with our collaboration with AhnLab, Korea’s leading integrated security company.”

Seokkyun Kang, the CEO of AhnLab, said that, “As cyber-attacks on cars can lead to human casualties, strengthening car security is a necessity,” and said that, “Following investments from last July, AhnLab will use this MOU to combine the strengths of the 2 companies to improve security responses, which are necessary for future mobility services.”

AhnLab continues investment in and collaboration with companies in the field of information security and is expanding their open innovation management. They have carried out measures such as ▲strategic partnership and investment in ‘WhykeykeySoft’, a startup in the field of next-generation authentication, ▲strategic partnership and investment in ‘Spiceware’, a cloud data security startup, ▲acquisition of ‘Jason’, an AI information security startup, ▲partnership and investment in ‘Astron Security’ and ‘Tatum’, cloud security startups, ▲acquisition of ‘NAONWORKS’, an OT security solution company, ▲and strategic partnership and investment in ‘Monitorapp’, a cloud security company. They plan to continue collaborating with promising technology-based companies in the future as well.

Kakao Mobility ‘Kakao Navi’ introducing an integrated parking lot search function

– Recommending the best parking lot use just by searching the destination!

Kakao Mobility introduced an integrated ‘Parking lot search’ function that allows one-stop function from parking lot search to recommendation, reservation, and payment with a single destination search on Kakao Navi.

‘Parking lot search’ integrated functions of ‘Directions’ and ‘Parking’, which had separate access routes as individual services. By integrating those two services into one, it automatically recommends up to two optimal parking lots for each category that can be used just by searching for a destination on Kakao Navi without a parking app. From the 30th of last month, it was first introduced and operated at about 150 destination points, including near major subway stations in the metropolitan area, and they are planning to gradually expand the application area in the future.

The recommended lists of the ‘parking lot search’ integrated function are ▲Parking lots that can be reserved for parking tickets ▲Cheap parking lots ▲Public parking lots ▲Parking lots with discounts for visitors, which can be selected through the filter function.

Kakao Mobility analyzed big data from Kakao Navi to introduce an integrated ‘Parking lot search’ function, and selected 150 places where users experience inconvenience due to lack of attached parking lots among the destinations with the highest search volume as priority areas. As a result of examining each location, destinations near subway stations, which are the main means of transportation for citizens, were included, and all 51 stations of the Subway Line 2, the only urban railway loop line in Korea, fall under this category.

Before this function, users have searched for a destination in ‘Kakao Navi’ and then directly compared and analyzed information for each parking lot by searching around the parking lot located at the top, or separately searched, reserved, and paid for a parking lot near the destination in ‘Kakao T Parking’ and then returned to the Kakao Navi and set the destination as the parking lot to get directions. With the introduction of this new function as a starting point, it is expected that the convenience of use will be greatly increased by minimizing the moving entry step for each major service for owners of vehicles and providing a recommendation function at the same time.

In order to strengthen the parking service, which is attracting attention as a complex business hub for future mobility, they will combine services such as valet·car wash·EV charging that can be used while the vehicle is parked. These integrated functions are available in some areas with Kakao Navi. In addition to the EV valet charging service that started pilot operation at Ediya Coffee Lab last September, they are also providing integrated services including ▲ Valet service at COEX, Everland, and Gimpo Airport ▲ Valet and car wash services at 88CC, Fourizon CC, and EastValley

Kyu-jin Ahn, Executive Vice President of Kakao Mobility Business Division, said, “Kakao Mobility plans to support drivers to design an efficient mobile life through linkage with various services and introduction of new functions, as parking lots are attracting attention as a key infrastructure for future mobility. We will continue to make efforts to increase the convenience of using mobility services for car owners by securing enhanced connectivity for each service.”

Meanwhile, Kakao Mobility will also hold a large-scale event for users to commemorate the introduction of this new function. Until the 28th, a 3,000 KRW discount coupon for Kakao T parking will be presented to the first 300,000 people. The coupon is provided immediately when you click the coupon shortcut button in the Notice related to the ‘Parking lot search’ integrated function in the Kakao Navi app.

Quick News

– I-BRICKS, won the ‘2022 Startup Products Public Purchase Promoting Merit Award’ in the ‘Public Purchase Vitalization Company Startup’ sector, hosted by Ministry of SMEs and Startups!

I-BRICKS, a company specializing in artificial intelligence-based language processing, won consecutive awards at various awards ceremonies at the end of 2022. On December 8th, they received the ‘2022 Startup Products Public Purchase Promoting Merit Award’ hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and supervised by the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development. On the 9th, they were also selected as a ‘2022 Gyeonggi-do Promising Small and Medium Business Certificate Award Ceremony’ hosted by the Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator.

Jong-hyun Chae, CEO of I-BRICKS, said, “We will be no longer categorized as the start-up company next year since we started 7 years ago, but as we have done well so far, we will do our best to expand our position as an artificial intelligence company in Korea through steady research and development based on excellent technology, and to stand tall as a small giant company.”

– Institut Pasteur Korea hosting International Symposium on ‘100-Day Mission to Response to Pandemic’

Institut Pasteur Korea held an international symposium at Institut Pasteur Korea located in Pangyo Techno Valley, Gyeonggi-do, under the theme of ‘100-Day Mission to Respond to Pandemic’. This symposium was prepared to derive key strategies such as international cooperation and innovative technology platforms to achieve the “100-Day Mission,” a global effort to prepare for future pandemics.

The ‘100-Day Mission’ aims to develop and utilize effective vaccines·treatments·diagnostic methods within 100 days of the occurrence of a pandemic risk. It was being promoted under the leadership of G7 countries and global public health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

To this end, about 20 domestic and foreign scientific leaders active in the forefront of preparing·responding to global infectious diseases had in-depth discussions on three sessions including ▲Strategy roadmap for new drug development ▲Vaccine development and training of experts ▲Next-generation global R&D governance.

– Naver Webtoon sweeps Korea Contents Awards in the comic category… “Became a Master of webtoon!”

Naver Webtoon announced that works from Naver Webtoon won 3 out of 5 awards in the comic category at the 2022 Korea Content Awards ceremony held at COEX. In particular, the Presidential Award, which corresponds to the grand prize, has achieved a record in which Naver Webtoon’s works have been awarded consecutively from 2016 to this year.

<Futuristic Antique Shop (Guajin)>, which received the Presidential Award in the comic category, <Jibi Eopseo (Wanan)> and <Return of the Blossoming Blade (LICO, Biga)>, which received the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award, are all serialized on Naver Webtoon. In the animation category, an animation based on the Naver Webtoon <My Daughter is a Zombie (Yun-chang Lee)> received the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award, proving its workability and value as a source IP.

Naver Webtoon’s works stood out at overseas comics award ceremonies, strengthening its position as the global number one storytech platform. The original English webtoon <Lore Olympus (Rachel Smythe)> discovered by Naver Webtoon set the record as being nominated for three awards this year at major American comics awards ceremonies, including ▲Will Eisner Awards ▲Harvey Awards ▲Ringo Awards.

Awl (Gyu-seok Choi), which was serialized on Naver Webtoon from December 2013 to August 2017, was nominated for the official competition category for the first time as a book based on a webtoon at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in France, Europe’s largest comics festival.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom