[Pangyo Tech] AhnLab-FESCARO Signs MOU for Cooperation in the Field of Automotive Cyber Security

AhnLab signed the ‘MOU for Cooperation in the Automotive Cyber Security Field’ with FESCARO, the vehicle security and software company, at the AhnLab company building.

AhnLab and FESCARO signed the MOU to jointly respond to the rising security risk in automobiles following the increasing amount of software introduced in cars and expansion of communication in cars internally and externally.

With this MOU, the two companies will work together in areas such as ▲the automotive internal communication and electronic control device security business ▲the security business in the fields of self-driving/autonomous cooperative driving ▲and the security business in IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) outside of the field of automobiles.

Moving forward, the two companies plan to combine the capabilities and resources the two companies possess, with AhnLab’s integrated security expertise in the fields of IT·OT and FESCARO’s automotive security and software development capabilities, for research in the field of integrated mobility security and to discover business opportunities.

To this end, AhnLab will provide FESCARO with technology to respond to endpoint and network security risks, security consulting, security task services, security expertise, and risk response know-how. FESCARO plans to share technology for automobile security that protects various electronic control devices and systems that communicate internally and externally with automobiles.

Seokmin Hong, the CEO of FESCARO, said that, “As digital transformation is accelerated in the automotive industry as well, ‘connectivity’ and ‘security’ are being emphasized,” and said that, “In this age of mobility with connected cars and autonomous driving already beginning, we will work to provide a safer driving environment with our collaboration with AhnLab, Korea’s leading integrated security company.”

Seokkyun Kang, the CEO of AhnLab, said that, “As cyber-attacks on cars can lead to human casualties, strengthening car security is a necessity,” and said that, “Following investments from last July, AhnLab will use this MOU to combine the strengths of the 2 companies to improve security responses, which are necessary for future mobility services.”

AhnLab continues investment in and collaboration with companies in the field of information security and is expanding their open innovation management. They have carried out measures such as ▲strategic partnership and investment in ‘WhykeykeySoft’, a startup in the field of next-generation authentication, ▲strategic partnership and investment in ‘Spiceware’, a cloud data security startup, ▲acquisition of ‘Jason’, an AI information security startup, ▲partnership and investment in ‘Astron Security’ and ‘Tatum’, cloud security startups, ▲acquisition of ‘NAONWORKS’, an OT security solution company, ▲and strategic partnership and investment in ‘Monitorapp’, a cloud security company. They plan to continue collaborating with promising technology-based companies in the future as well.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom