[Pangyo Tech] Hankook Tire launches a brand ‘Laufenn’ strategically targeting the global market in South Korea

Image: Hankook Tire

Hankook Tire & Technology has newly launched its global brand “Laufenn” in the domestic market.

Laufenn is Hankook Tire’s new brand that strategically target the global market to satisfy various tendencies and lifestyles of consumers around the world who aim for rational consumption.

Hankook Tire said, “Laufenn is characterized by its excellent quality, competitiveness and performance while having reasonable prices,” adding, “It has already proven its technological prowess and more than 7 million units are being sold annually in 80 countries, including Europe and the United States, which are advanced automobile markets.”

Hankook Tire will introduce a total of three all season tire products, including ‘S Fit AS’, ‘G Fit AS’, and ‘X Fit HT’ in South Korea. The product will be produced at Hankook Tire plants (Daejeon, Geumsan) and will continue to expand its competitiveness based on stable supply.

First of all, S Fit AS is an ultra-high-performance tire that provides excellent high-speed driving handling performance, soft and comfortable ride, and silence. Asymmetric patterns were applied, and efficient drainage was provided through four wide straight tread (tire in actual contact with the road surface) grooves, increasing braking power and driving performance even on wet surfaces.

G Fit AS is a daily comfort tire that provides optimal driving performance throughout four seasons even on a rain road in mid-summer and in winter. By applying a compound optimized for long mileage and evenly distributing the weight of the tire contact patch through optimized profile (contour) technology, irregular wear is minimized and gas mileage is improved.

Finally, ‘X Fit HT’ is an on-road SUV tire that combines ride comfort with durability. Through 3D vibration analysis technology, silent driving is possible when driving, and adjustment stability and durability are enhanced even during high-speed cornering with tie-bar technology that connects blocks. In addition, it has secured high driving stability by implementing excellent traction and braking power through tire tread with zig-zag grooves.

Meanwhile, Laufenn has carried out sports marketing by officially sponsoring the UEFA Europa League, the top European professional league football tournament and Major League Baseball, a US professional baseball organization. It is also strengthening communication with consumers around the world through more than 20 Laufenn websites built in major languages such as South Korea, Europe, and the United States.

An official from Hankook Tire said, “We will step up efforts to target the market with a multi-brand strategy to satisfy consumers’ diverse tastes. We plan to differentiate our competitiveness by simultaneously operating Hankook Tire, a premium brand that aims to achieve the highest level of performance, and Laufenn, a strategic brand that optimizes its product lineup to be faithful to the basic function of tires, targeting smart and reasonable consumers.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom