[Pangyo Tech] Kids Note Is Targeting Silver Care Market with Smart Reminder Note, “Family Note”

Kids Note Co., Ltd. announced that it would expand its business and enter the silver care market. Kids Note recently unveiled the “Family Note” service for the first time.

Family Note is a service created to help communication between nursing/home facilities and the customer’s families. Using Family Note, the family members can easily check the daily life and health status of the elderly through the app. When information is sent to the facility, it gets also sent to “AlimTalk” system, and even elderly family members who have difficulty using the app can easily receive notifications through KakaoTalk.

The version released this time consists of essential functions such as reminder note, album, and announcements, and the company plans to add more functions such as ▲meal table ▲pickup service ▲medication request form ▲facility information download service, through its series of updates.

In addition, Family Note will also launch ‘Family Care ERP’, an ERP program that supports the work of nursing hospitals and facility workers. The most noteworthy feature of the Family Care ERP program is the system optimized for the personnel, reflecting the voices of the people in the field. ▲ Schedule management linked with the corporation system, ▲ schedule management using RFID tags, ▲ automatically calculated salary details, ▲ electronic signature function that can be used for evaluation of the corporation will be provided.

The Family Care ERP program also went through a beta test earlier this month and its partner companies started using the service. When the Family Care ERP was created, the company listened to the voices of the actual users. As a result the service is receiving positive reviews from the users, saying, “It is very helpful because it is composed of essential functions, and it is satisfying level of the user convenience in design and readability.”

Since the launch of Family Note, Kids Note has been cooperating with various partners from various angles to enter the silver market and vitalize the senior tech industry. In the future, we will continue to listen to the voices of related organizations and sites and reflect them in the service.

Choi Jang-wook, CEO of Kids Note, said, “The silver market is another place where communication service is essential, and especially we decided to enter the silver care market, thinking that it is our responsibility to contribute by reflecting the value of communication just as we did with Kids Note.” He added, “I hope that the elderly and their families will experience better communication service provided with our skill accumulated over the past 10 years with Kids Note and the stable infrastructure of Kakao.”

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom