[Pangyo Bio & Medical] Predictiv introduced genome analysis based Digital Twin solution at the Naver D2SF Media Meet-up… “Protect our health with Avatar DNA information!”

Healthcare startup, Predictiv (CEO Sa-jung Yun), introduced a genomic analysis-based Digital Twin solution at the ‘Naver D2SF Media Meet-up’ held at the Naver D2SF office in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 17th.

Predictiv, a North American startup, has developed a solution that simulates the possibility of disease and drug susceptibility by creating Digital Twin containing genomic analysis information. They secured a competitive edge in terms of analysis scope and accuracy. It currently analyzes about 20,000 genes using the nail collection method to predict about 22,500 diseases and about 780 drug sensitivities.

Digital Twin is an avatar that contains personal DNA information and can prescribe a drug that suits the DNA for a specific disease. In addition, congenital disease risk information can be identified, and drug risk information can be collected, thereby reducing adverse drug reactions in the future.

In addition, there is an advantage that medical staff can perform treatment immediately without special examination in the medical field because medical records can be stored. It can also identify which drugs are toxic among individual genes.

Currently, Predictiv has created more than 130 Digital Twins, and has carried out national-scale projects in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It was also selected for NASA’s iTech program.

Sa-jung Yun, CEO of Predictiv, said, “If the genes do not match during transplantation, the failure rate increases by 80%. However, if they know the genetic information in advance, they can lower the probability of transplant failure. As such, genes are very important in maintaining health, preventing and treating.”

He continued, “Since our company is a Silicon Valley startup and has already entered the Arabic region, I believe that a group Digital Twin type would be possible in Korea based on that experience. It is possible to analyze and predict diseases from the environment by analyzing universal genes according to each person’s environment.”

Naver D2SF held the ‘Naver D2SF Media Meetup’ for the second time this year. It was a place where invested technology startups from D2SF directly presented and demonstrated their technology. At the media meetup that day, recently invested immersive technology startups, Gaudio Lab and z-emotion introduced their future business growth plans and synergy with Naver followed by Gazi Lab and Predictiv.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom