Procurement Company Specializing In LED ‘Daeun L&C’ Prevents Light Pollution, “Creates value innovation through eco-friendly · highly-effective technology!”

Photo – Daeun L&C Inc

Daeun L&C Inc., a company that is the recipient of the Chungcheongbuk-do national innovation cluster development industry support, is a manufacturing company that specializes in eco-friendly LED lights. They specialize in developing and manufacturing LED indoor lighting such as LED downlights, raceway, flat panel lighting, as well as LED lighting fixtures such as LED street lighting, LED security lighting, LED tunnel lighting, and LED floodlighting.

The product is being sold after registering the product at the Public Procurement Service. In particular, the ‘LED lighting fixture with outdoor lighting module for preventing light pollution’, which the technology was developed patent-based, was designated as an excellent product and selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service. In addition, it has a number of certificates such as the eco-label, green certification, excellent invention, etc.

Especially, the products that the light pollution preventing outdoor lighting modules have been applied to will begin sales in October 2021, and it is expected that, the sales of the products with this technology applied will exceed 1 billion KRW in 2022, and that in 2023 it will increase by more than three times the previous year.

Daeun L&C is developing LED lights and other light pollution related products with more advanced technology that combines ICT, and they are developing technology to be able to remotely control light distribution instead of the current method of having to actually visit the site to solve complaints using light shields and visors.

A company official explained, “In our case, we are equipped with our own technology development capabilities and the inspection and test equipment possessed by the test research institute, so we can customize and respond immediately to customer requests. We are also working hard to reflect the opinions of the on-site contractors by actively communicating with the people in charge of each local government and construction companies. In this way, we improve the problems of the product or the ideas of products to be developed in the future.”

Meanwhile, Chungcheongbuk-do selected ‘Intelligent High-tech Part Industry’ as part of the fostering industry support from the National Innovation Cluster and has been carrying out the project since 2018 with support from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Chungbuk-do. Chungbuk-do and Chungbuk National Innovation Cluster Promotion Team (Chungbuk TP) focus on Chungbuk Innovation City (Jincheon-gun, Eumseong-gun) to support investment attraction, operate innovation network, discover regulatory barriers and improve systems, plan to nurture clusters, manage performance, and promote global connection. In order to achieve this, they are promoting the integration of fostering industries and maximizing regional innovative growth capabilities through establishment of cooperation channel, technology•marketing, and commercialization support.