Somalytics brings its first eye-tracking sleep mask designed for at-home sleep monitoring to CES 2023

Somalytics’ SomaSleep sleep mask - mask on bedside table.  Photo by Marcus Donner / Somalytics © 2022
Somalytics’ SomaSleep sleep mask – mask on bedside table. Photo by Marcus Donner / Somalytics © 2022

CES 2023 Innovation Awards honoree and nanotechnology company Somalytics Inc. announced today it will unveil its new SomaSleep sleep mask at CES Unveiled on Jan. 3, 2023, and showcase the product during CES 2023 Jan. 5-8, 2023, in Las Vegas. SomaSleep is a sleep mask that uses eye tracking to unmask the health challenges preventing better sleep by collecting data never before possible through an in-home device. The revolutionary sleep mask can track eye movements, including rapid eye movements, to help consumers better understand sleep stages, quality, and disruptions, which is key to gaining wellness insights and improving sleep.

Eye movements occur during every sleep stage. Stress, injury, disease, medications, and alcohol can disrupt these regular eye movements. For example, people with concussions often suffer from increased sleep disruptions and daytime fatigue. SomaSleep can track and classify eye movements, including REM, for closed or open eyes during sleep or while the user is awake. It allows the user at home to see the sleep patterns by themselves, so they can better understand the fatigue that occurs even though they theoretically sleep, and can inform doctors when there are sleep pattern changes.

The SomaSleep mask will function via battery for eight hours while collecting unique health data. Even with lengthy usage, SomaSleep stays cool due to the low power it requires to operate. Data can be incorporated via an SDK with top consumer fitness trackers or will be available through the SomaSleep mobile app. SomaSleep plans to be available for consumer purchase by December 2023 for $199.

Sample photo of showing the user with SomaSleep (Photo by Somalytics)
Sample photo of showing the user with SomaSleep (Photo by Somalytics)

“Sleep problems affect the lives of billions of people, and understanding the quality of sleep is at the heart of the solution,” said Barbara Barclay, CEO of Somatics. “REM is critical for learning and memory. Things such as snoring, back and leg problems, medication, antidepressants, concussions, stroke, and other neurological illnesses can disrupt sleep and REM. Until now, the only option to track REM was through sleep centers, where data is typically manually interpreted. With SomaSleep, we are enabling consumers to track all stages of sleep, including REM, in the comfort and privacy of their own homes through a lightweight, easy-to-use sleep mask. This (launching) is a transformational moment for in-home wellness, and our team is thrilled to have a role in bringing the market an important product.”

SomaSleep uses Somalytics’ award-winning SomaCap carbon-nanotube paper composite (CPC™) capacitive sensors to track eye activities. SomaCap is a miniature nano-based capacitive sensor with high sensitivity to the human body, applicable for proximity sensing, gesture control, and touch and fluid monitoring. Somalytics designed SomaCap sensors to improve the human experience through innovations in consumer electronics, AR/VR, the Internet of Things, health and wellness, and transportation.