SUNGCHANG, “We will take a step closer to establishing a distributed resource monitoring and connectivity guarantee system suitable for smart grids!”


Since its establishment in 1991, SUNGCHANG CORPORATION, a company which is part of fostering industry support from the Chungcheongbuk-do National Innovation Cluster, has continued to grow in the field of communication services, constructing systems based on network SI, NI, and others as a partner of KT. As a national research and development task, the Small and Medium Business Administration’s convergence technology development project and the Ministry of Science and ICT’s joint R&D project, they developed tracking-type solar power generation devices and micro-sized DC uninterruptible power supply(UPS) devices were developed.

Soloar Tracking Power Generators are devices that can have the highest efficiency while following the sun from morning to evening. The official explained that through this, the amount of power generation can be greatly increased, and the effect of increasing the efficiency of the solar module can be obtained. By selecting the method of tracking the direction of the maximum light source mechanically rather than the method of tracking with pre-entered data, it is possible to install it anywhere in the world without changing the program.

In the case of solar tracking system, it has been introduced as a tracking system for many research projects such as the Korea Electric Research Institute, Korea Testing Laboratory, and KEPCO Energy New Technology Research Institute, and has been applied to the construction of individual power plants. In the case of the RTU (data collecting unit) developed through the project, more than 2,400 places have been supplied in the new and renewable energy supply project of the Korea Energy Agency, and they are planning to sell it using various channels such as sales at the general shopping mall of the Public Procurement Service.

Uninterruptible power supply (DC UPS) is a DC-only product that is developed in a micro size and is used in various industries such as sensors, home networks, industrial safety, security, and CCTV markets. The advantages of this product were that it is very small, has excellent space utilization, and is easy to install. In general, it is a device that provides power generated from a battery or a separate auxiliary power source to a load in an emergency such as a power outage.

An uninterruptible power supply converts commercial AC power into DC power to charge auxiliary power devices such as batteries, and when discharging, it converts DC power from the auxiliary power device into AC power and supplies it to the load. It is equipped with a CPU that controls the operation of converting the DC power of the auxiliary power supply into AC power when a power outage is detected.

An official from SUNGCHANG said, “We are operating an employee invention system by encouraging the creation of intellectual property, and taking the lead in commercializing intellectual property, such as selecting global IP star companies and preferential purchase products for excellent inventions. We have 6 cases of intellectual property sales, and have shown great results in intellectual property rights activities using the patent trust system of the Korea Technology Finance Corporation.In addition to technology development, we are interested in job creation and encourage the employment of the vulnerable, such as the elders, people with disabilities, and the low-income class, to obtain and maintain the Social Enterprise job provision certification from 2019 andcontributing to the local community.”

Meanwhile, Chungcheongbuk-do selected ‘Intelligent High-tech Part Industry’ as part of the fostering industry support from the National Innovation Cluster and has been carrying out the project since 2018 with support from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Chungbuk-do.Chungbuk-do andChungbuk National Innovation Cluster Promotion Team (Chungbuk TP) focus on Chungbuk Innovation City (Jincheon-gun, Eumseong-gun) to support investment attraction, operate innovation network, discover regulatory barriers and improve systems, plan to nurture clusters, manage performance, and promote global connection. In order to achieve this, they are promoting the integration of fostering industries and maximizing regional innovative growth capabilities through establishment of cooperation channel, technology·marketing, and commercialization support.