WIZLED to Introduce LED Converter and LED Module in LED EXPO exhibition

WIZLED Co., Ltd., which is specialized in LED module and SMPS in Korea, will attend ‘The 19th International LED & OLED EXPO 2021’ held at KINTEX in Ilsan from 2021.10.13(wed) to 10.15 (Fri). At this exhibition, WIZ LED will show their special LED module and LED SMPS portfolio.

Including KS, KC products, total 25 types of LED converters and 5 types of LED modules are expected to be exhibited in this expo and especially newly developed slime SMPS are expected to get visitors attention.

Waterproof type SMPS case, WIZ LED applied synchronous rectifier circuit to their SMPS with high level components in worldwide and makes WIZ LED SMPS more stable and safety.

In the case of LED modules which mainly used for channel signs, indirect lighting of external landscapes, and LED signboards, WIZ LED will show from 0.72W~1.2W each single color and RGB color with various type.  

As per sales director Mr. DS Choi, WIZ LED now can support much more worldwide customers after full automated factory set up and capability increasing. He hope to get more worldwide customers through this exhibition.      

WIZLED Co., Ltd., a company specializing in manufacturing LED products area, has been selected as a youth-friendly small and medium-sized company, an excellent technology evaluation company, and an ‘Inno-Biz’.