BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 selects five companies

In Korea’s largest biohealth industry trade show BIO KOREA 2021, the global news network AVING News selected five companies to receive the BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 award.

For this award, AVING News selected outstanding products based on product technology, innovation, marketability, design, and audience response. The companies will get separate news articles so that they can utilize it, and the news will also be posted in English.

In BIO KOREA 2021, we took a look at innovative changes in biohealth industry technology and directions to respond to the new normal era. Unlike last year’s BIO KOREA 2020, which was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event was held in a hybrid format with conferences, exhibitions, business forums, investment fairs, and job fair programs simultaneously held online and offline.

Especially in the digital treatment session, which is expanding its scope to treatment as a data convergence technology in the biohealth industry, the show will present current issues and approval review methods for digital treatments in Korea, and provide a place to discuss solutions for globalization. Also, with the rapid development of vaccines and therapeutics after the COVID-19 pandemic, current technology trends and issues, as well as plans to respond to future infectious diseases on the development of safe and effective vaccines and securing production technology, the next-generation rapid diagnostic method, and domestic and overseas cases of step-by-step development COVID-19 treatment were discussed.

The selected companies for BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 are as follows.

△Wellysis △Dr.Diary △CM Lab △SPMED △Awesomepia

Gil Da-in, the staff of Wellysis, is holding the award board of BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 | Photo by AVING News

| Wellysis introduces S-Patch Ex, ultra-light wearable ECG monitor recognized by the world

Launched in May 2019, Wellysis is a digital healthcare solution company that was spun off from Samsung SDS’s digital healthcare team.

Wellysis, which developed the ECG monitor S-Patch Cardio, has been certified in Korea and also in Europe, CE, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand with its outstanding performance and quality on the frontline. Thanks to this, the company is exporting to Australia, Greece, Thailand, and Italy, and is gaining popularity in the global market.

S-Patch Ex, which was introduced as the main product at this exhibition, is the next model of Cardio and boasts an ultra-light weight of 9g. Considering that the regular product weighs about 400g, it is very light and can be worn more comfortably by the patient. Also, it can analyze ECG data with AI, greatly helping medical staff in diagnosing arrhythmias.

It is very straightforward and simple to use Wellysis’s S-Patch Ex. First, when the device is worn on the chest, ECG data is transmitted to the mobile device in real time. Then, the collected data is automatically transmitted to the corresponding cloud server, and analysis gets started. Afterwards, when the results of ECG data analysis made by intelligent algorithm are given to the medical staff, the patient can receive accurate feedback and receive treatment.

“The S-Patch Ex presented at this exhibition uses the bio process chip from Samsung Electronics. It is an upgraded version of the S-Patch Cardio that was previously introduced,” said Wellysis’s Manager Ku Eun-hye at BIO KOREA 2021 exhibition site. She added, “We can minimize the data loss by adding memory. By providing a cloud-based data retrieval environment for the collected data, medical staff can access it anytime, anywhere to increase the efficiency of reading.”

She continued, “The current S-Patch Ex model received Grade 2 Holter ECG certification from MFDS and will soon be sold by collaborating with Samjin Pharm. To expand the overseas market, we acquired the Europe CE certification last May, and are preparing for FDA approval within this year.”

Park Se-yeon, the Senior Researcher of Dr.Diary, is holding the award board of BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 | Photo by AVING News

| Dr.Diary showcases personalized management app optimized for diabetic patients

Dr.Diary is a self-management platform for diabetic patients. It is a diabetes management app provided for patients who pursue healthy and complication-free sustainability.

It is a personalized app in a comprehensive platform measuring and managing the overall lifelog data of diabetic patients. It collects various PHR data such as blood glucose level, drugs, diet, and exercise, as well as community between patients, health mission, educational video, weekly/monthly/quarterly health report, glycated hemoglobin level prediction based on blood glucose record, and expert consultation.

The company staff from Dr.Diary introduced the app by saying, “Our app features the community section so that diabetics can communicate and exchange information. And when they continuously record the data, they can check how well they are managing themselves.”

He also said, “We have also launched our own blood sugar meter and a blood sugar test paper subscription service that can be used together. We are also going to launch the healthy habit forming manual app.”

Ha Tae-ho, the CEO of CM Lab, is holding the award board of BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 | Photo by AVING News

| CM Lab introduces ThermoCops LITE, a detection device for quarantine necessary in the non-face-to-face era

CMLAB (Convergence Technologies for Bio Medical Science) is developing medical technologies and services by converging AI, VR, and IoT technologies.

The non-face-to-face detection device ThermoCops LITE introduced at this exhibition is a medical device that can measure body temperature. It has a mask wearing detection function through facial recognition, and depending on the option, an electronic access list pad is installed to manage access with a QR code. Also, temperature adjustment feature makes it possible to measure even in sub-zero cold weather.

The company staff from CM Lab said, “We aim to become a first-class company in the field of medical convergence technology through the development of medical technology that saves people. By planning non-face-to-face consultation platform and business, we are going to enter the business of non-face-to-face medical examination and expand it.”

Ahn Hyeon-jeong, the Head of Management Planning Department of SPMED, is holding the award board of BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 | Photo by AVING News

| SPMED introduced drug genetic testing service for precise personalized medical treatment

SPMED was established in 2016. It is a global healthcare company leading precision personalized medicine engaged in the business models of customized new drug development service for efficient development (in vitro ADME), drug gene test kit for personalized treatment, and the products (recombinant protein enzymes, drug gene test kits) necessary to perform these services for the pharmaceutical companies and drug developers.

Ahn Hyeon-jeong, the Head of Management Planning Department of SPMED said, “Our drug genetic testing service helps in prescribing individual drugs through genetic analysis with established clinical and scientific efficacy in relation to drug reactions and side effects of specific drugs. Also, the non-clinical ADME service can test whether it is effective at the cell level before clinical trials for new drug development.”

SPMED’s Drug Genetic Testing Service provides helpful information that can handle emergencies due to drugs when experiencing side effects like diarrhea, headache, or itching after taking drugs, taking the drugs for a prolonged time due to illnesses, preventing side effects of drugs that are taken or will be taken, or when the treatment effect is slow.

Also, the non-clinical ADME service conducts in vitro ADME evaluation studies at the initial stage and all stages of new drug development to understand the metabolic/transport characteristics and pharmacokinetics (PK) characteristics of candidate substances, thereby contributing to reducing failures in drug development.

Park Jae-hyeon, Senior Researcher of Awesomepia, is holding the award board of BEST OF BIO KOREA 2021 | Photo by AVING News

| Awesomepia unveils Touch Brain, an upper body rehabilitation evaluation device for upper extremity movement control, ability, measurement and analysis

Awesomepia is developing advanced ICT technologies such as data, network, and AI based on XR (Virtual Convergence Technology) that has evolved from VR/AR. It is creating vision and value through 5G-linked advanced ICT technology and digital transformation.

Touch Brain, the upper body rehabilitation evaluation device introduced at this exhibition is an upper extremity movement control, ability, measurement and analysis device for patients with stroke and degenerative brain diseases (Parkinson’s, dementia, etc.).

Jo Jong-min, Manager of Awesomepia, said, “The rehabilitation treatment device used by existing patients is a product using a robot arm. It is difficult for the patients with less strength, and accurate measurement cannot be done.” He then said, “Our product has solved these problems and allows accurate measurement and speed to determine the rehabilitation status of patients.” He also explained, “Currently, we are collecting patient data by supplying products to Korea University Guro Hospital and Uijeongbu Eulji University Hospital.”

Hosted by KHIDI and Chungcheongbuk-do, the theme of BIO KOREA 2021 is “New Normal: Bio Innovation and Overcoming Limitations,” and it provided an opportunity to check the direction and strategy for the health industry in Korea through conferences, exhibitions, and business forums. Also, it was held both online and offline to provide a place to share the latest issues and cutting-edge technologies in the biohealth market with investors, bio-industry executives, and related researchers from around the world.

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