[BEST OF MIK MWC] PARKELICT, introduced Emotion Healing Application ‘Ice’

‘PARKELICT’, has participated in the global Start-Up exhibition ‘4YFN’ that was jointly held with ‘MWC 2018’ as Smart Venture Campus Joint Booth, and was selected as ‘best of mik @ 4YFN’.

PARKELICT is a specialized company in ICT and develops and provides a software. Mainly this company develops an application and will introduce ‘ICE’, an application of emoticon call at this exhibition.

(Photo Description: Emotional Call application ‘Ice’)

ICE stands for ‘I can feel your emoticon’, and it means ‘I can feel your emotion without your talking’. This system is an application developed for the people whose emotion are not healed and who are not honest with their emotion.

Park Sung-jun, CEO of PARKELICT, mentioned on business partnership “through this exhibition, we overcome a weakness as a start-up company and expect an advertising effect necessary for Japanese market entry.” He subsequently mentioned, “it is possible to combine with IoT through emotion DB, so I’d like to go into a partnership with hardware manufacturers and contents companies.”

He answered a question that he has a role model, “my role model is a professor of the Department of Construction Engineering in my school” and “I’d like to follow after a figure educating students enterprisingly based on constant self-examination through a certain example.”

(Photo Description: ‘best of mik @ 4YFN‘ nominated PARKELICT)

‘BEST OF MIK @ 4YFN’ selected only excellent companies among ‘4YFN’ exhibitors, and selected companies will be given opportunities to press pitch with foreign journalists such as USA, China and Germany. Furthermore, it becomes the subject of Top3 selected by global media.

On the other hand, the Smart Venture Campus, which is in the process of supporting companies, runs a variety of projects to discover and nurture talented young CEOs and specialists in the areas of apps, web, contents, SW, and convergence. It also helps promote the start-up of a pre-founder with a creative identity and actively supports the growth of early-start companies. The 4YFN also plans to actively support top domestic companies.

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