[CES 2021 All Digital] Beko Appliances Wins Prestigious Twice Picks Awards for CES® 2021

Beko Appliances announces it has received the TWICE Picks Award for their Upright Freezers. TWICE, Residential Systems, and TechRadar Pro’s annual program honors the best and most influential consumer technology at CES each year. The winners were selected based on the impact these products are expected to have on Consumer Electronic and Retail industries.

In response to the growing focus consumers have on living healthy lifestyles, Beko continues its tradition creating technologies that make obtaining a sense of wellbeing even more accessible.

“At Beko, we’ve prioritized a commitment to new products and technologies that meet the needs of consumers and their goals to live healthfully. We know they do not always find it easy, so we make every effort to do all we can to make the step to greater health and wellbeing easier,” said Zach Elkin, President of Beko US Inc.

Health Focused, Energy Efficient Technologies
Beko Upright Freezers help people adopt healthier, sustainable lifestyles thanks to its cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to Freeze Guard Technology, Beko Upright Freezers work in ambient temperatures between 5°F to 109°F without any loss of performance. Quick Freeze locks in vitamins and nutrients by freezing food 10% faster. Food will be fresh, nutritious, and vitamin-rich, supporting healthy eating habits all year round. Beko freezers offer energy efficiency and provide industry-leading performance qualified by EPA certification guidelines. As of November, only Beko Freezers (with and without ice maker) received ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2020 award. Beko freezers, without an ice maker, received the EPA Emerging Tech Award. 

“We are delighted to win the TWICE Pick Award and be recognized for the positive impact we will have on the lives of consumers now and into the future. We are committed to putting premium technology that is good for the planet and supports healthy lifestyles within the reach of more consumers,” said Salih Zeki Bugay, Director of Marketing & Product Management, Beko US Inc.

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