Gold Rabbit, searching for global investors with a customized modular coding robot ‘MAUNZI’!

Interest in non-face-to-face education is increasing as the 4th industrial era and the COVID-19 pandemic are intertwined. As a result, the coding education market is also growing rapidly. However, the existing edutech robots failed in popularization due to the low usability and very simple operation.

The customized modular coding robot ‘MAUNZI’ introduced by Gold Rabbit Co., Ltd. stimulates children’s imagination through a wide range of motion implementation methods and infinite expandability. Because of these characteristics, it succeeded in differentiating it from existing products and drew a good response in the domestic market. In order to continue with this atmosphere, the company is pushing for its global expansion and attracting investment.

MAUNZI is an IoT robot product that combines cutting-edge robot technology with various software and can be easily adjusted like a block without connecting wires. It can be assembled and disassembled in the same way as Lego and is 100% compatible with actual Lego. MAUNZI has the advantage of being able to freely express the movements and sensations that users want, as well as using them for education, mobile, games, and block play.

Gold Rabbit Co., Ltd. has already entered the Japanese market after the success in Korean market and is preparing to enter the global market in earnest by acquiring certifications in various countries such as Hong Kong, Europe, the United States, China and more.

An official from Gold Rabbit Co., Ltd. said, “The response from buyers from various countries including Japan, which is currently being exported, is hot. So far, we have inquiry of orders for about one million units.” He continued, “In order to enter the global market smoothly, attracting investment is very important. It is about to get more attention from global investors from various countries such as Korea, the United States, and China.”

In addition, he explained the strength of MAUNZI, “We have established a mass production process that can produce perfect products and will continuously provide systematic upgrades to consumers. It is also compatible with the Scratch program and the BrickLink program that students and block enthusiasts can use.”

Meanwhile, Gold Rabbit Co., Ltd. plans to provide various functions, characters, games, and educational contents that users want through continuous R&D.