IFA Tec Watch 2014: The Place For Exchanging Innovative Ideas

Smart TVs, second screens and multimedia – Ultra HD and advances in 3D technology – the smart home: welcome to the marketplace of new possibilities – startups: initiatives for economic growth in the future – debates, panel discussions and papers: the show’s supporting programme – exhibitors at IFA TecWatch.

Berlin, 31 July 2014 – IFA TecWatch displays the technologies for the markets of tomorrow. New standards and solutions for digital media, future-proof energy efficiency concepts, 3D printer products, ease of operation in the smart home, data security and security in the home, fitness and health apps or ideas for solving transport and traffic problems – IFA TecWatch presents a wealth of innovation. For visitors, journalists, experts and decision-makers from the industry and trade, the TecWatch Hall (11.1) is a ‘must-see stop’ on their tour of the show. Key topics are as follows:

Smart TVs, second screens and multimedia
Conventional television broadcasts and web content already share the same screen, and in doing so open up a whole new world of content and functions. TecWatch highlights these new possibilities with numerous examples of innovative technology, such as the HbbTV standard, which delivers TV broadcasts and web content, as well as innovative second-screen applications, new video streaming technologies and much, much more.

Ultra HD and advances in 3D technology
Displays capable of many times the resolution of current HDTV will be among the stars at IFA, and in the years to come there will be a dramatic increase in moving image content offering this standard of quality. Already, video-on-demand platforms are preparing for a future with Ultra HD. Thus Netflix, the international video streaming provider, will probably commence operations in central Europe this year. It will be some years before an eco-system for broadcasting transmissions emerges from these initiatives. The industry will first need to define new broadcasting standards, video coding, interfaces and production processes.

IFA TecWatch will exhibit the key features of this new world of images and highlight the latest developments. TecWatch will also be looking at advances in 3D technology, an equally fascinating topic.

Smart home – welcome to the marketplace of new possibilities
The focus of the smart some is on energy efficiency, safety and ease of operation. A joint presentation at TecWatch by the three trade associations ZVEI, ZVEH and VDE will highlight these aspects. It includes the ZVEH e-Haus, a fully equipped model that demonstrates the capabilities of the smart home. Visitors interested in energy management, energy storage, electro-mobility, smart grids, supervised housing, usability and device control using smartphones and tablets will find forward-looking solutions here that are anything but pipe dreams: all the solutions and products on display in the e-Haus are already on the market.

Startups – initiatives for economic growth in the future
They are at the heart of innovation: startups who take on the world with new ideas, thereby laying the foundations for economic growth in the future. At IFA TecWatch they will be presenting solutions and products from every product section at the fair and will be answering questions from trade visitors at the TecWatch Forum.

Debates, panel discussions and papers: the show’s supporting programme
Throughout the fair the IFA TecWatch Forum in the middle of the display hall will feature a unique programme of papers and panel discussions. Key events will include:

• Ultra HD and new media technology: a debate with experts and press conference
• Smart home: energy efficiency, security and ease of operation
• Transforming the world: the platform for renewable energies – every day during the midday break
• Startup Day: startups present their ideas, compete for audience ratings and network with partners from the industry

Exact dates will be published in future TecWatch press releases.

Exhibitors at IFA TecWatch
Exhibitors at IFA TecWatch include Asandoo; Digitalstrom; ETRI (Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), eTiger; Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, HHI, IIS; GreenPocket; GreenWave Systems; HzO Nanotechnologie; the industry associations ZVEH, ZVEI, VDE; Deutsche TV-Plattform; HDMI Licensing; Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin; HTW Hochschule für Technik Berlin; Sen.se; Tado; Technische Universität Berlin; Universität Potsdam; Yetu SmartHome platforms; Yujin Robot.

IFA is the globalleading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances and will take place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (Expo Center City) from 5 to 10 September 2014.