‘KITAS 2014’ Showing Off All The Gadget Peripherals!

One-stop show for a range of smart products, ‘The 4th Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Show 2014′(KITAS 2014) has kicked off today(24th) at hall C, 3F, COEX.

Managed by Shin Han Fairs, this year’s ‘KITAS 2014′ takes place under the theme of ‘Korean Made!’ that will continue until 27th(Sat) for three days.

In the largest scale ever, the show is held with 201 booth, 108 companies in total which exhibit IT gadget accessories, peripherals, earphones, headphones, bluetooth sound products and more. They include many featured events such as KITAS Bag event, KITAS Girl photo time and more throughout the show.

KITAS Bag event, as it had always been, drew so much attention of the attendees this year.

They sell 200 limited tickets on a first-come first-served basis from 10 am as the show opens its gate, and hold the event called ‘KITAS Bag event’ at 2pm. They give out expensive IT accessories, second battery, bluetooth speaker, earphones, iPad Air, smart phone case and more for only 20,000 won.

They also offer extraordinary service that does not exist in other shows, which is smartphone based information download service.

Retailer & Wholesaler for Mobile Accessory, Manufacturers for Smartphone & Tablet, Mobile carriers (Mobile phone Operaters), Electrical goods distributors & venders, etc will be all gathered under one roof.

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