Novasen Co., Ltd. Introduced ‘Alluscan Metal Detector’ Made in Korea at Korea Pack Special & ICPI WEEK 2021

Novasen Co., Ltd. booth at Korea Pack Special & ICPI WEEK 2021 | Photo – Aving News

Novasen (CEO Gil-Seung Lee) participated in ‘KOREA PACK Special & ICPI WEEK 2021 (International Packaging Equipment Exhibition, International Pharmaceutical Cosmetics Week)’ in KINTEX, Goyang from May 25th (Tue) to 28th (Fri) and unveiled a 100% domestic model, ‘Alluscan Metal Detector’.

Since its founding in 2004, Novasen has been striving to contribute to the localization of automated line inspection equipment and the development of the domestic precision measurement automation, based on steady R&D and investment through securing its own technology research center.

At Korea Pack Special, Novasen unveiled ‘Alluscan Metal Detector’, a 100% domestically researched, developed, and manufactured. It has improved visibility by applying a large LCD as well as operation convenience of operation by enabling the picture on the screen to be directly touched.

“We are a manufacturer specialized in metal detectors, and we pride in its high quality by making them in Korea based on our direct research and development,” said Seong-hoon Han, the Head of Novasen’s Technical Sales Department. “It is drawing high popularity in the market due to its wide space usability when installed and cost-effectiveness.”

Product display of Novasen Co., Ltd. | Photo – Aving News

“With the recent increase of smart factory facilities, the products using computing networks are also becoming popular. Existing products are often difficult to interoperate, but ours can easily connect to any computer.”

Meanwhile, before the opening of 2021 Korea Pack, an online exhibition service to meet exhibitors was unveiled on the 17th (Mon.). This online exhibition hall is designed for overseas buyers, who are facing difficulties in entering the Korean market due to the prolonged COVID-19, as well as domestic SMEs who are struggling with overseas expansion. Targeting domestic exhibitors and overseas buyers matched through the online exhibition service, 2021 Korea Pack will support export channels by holding the first video-based export consultation meetings at KINTEX from the 25th to the 28th.

The items on display of ‘KOREA PACK Special & ICPI WEEK 2021’ hosted by KYUNGYON EXHIBITION CORP., Korea Packaging Machinery Association, and KIP Monthly Packaging are as follows △Packaging machine △Packaging material △Packaging label/digital printing △Packaging robot △Pharmaceutical/ cosmetic machinery and △Food machinery △Package design △Packaging plant engineering system.

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