[PANGYO ISSUE] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the forth week of October

-Kakao Bank and Dell CEOs discuss cooperation

[PANGYO ISSUE] Pangyo Technovalley Weekly News, News from the forth week of October

Kakao Bank announced on Oct. 18 that its CEO Yoon Ho-young had an online meeting with Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of the global IT company Dell, and discussed ways to continue and strengthen partnerships to secure competitiveness in the era of digital transformation of finance.

At this event, CEO Yoon presented Kakao Bank’s strategy to expand the retail financial market and leap forward into the financial platform and the direction of mobile banking. CEO Dell shared the company’s achievements leading the global cloud infrastructure and client solution market, and trends in global financial companies.

Dell supplies a comprehensive IT portfolio covering infrastructure solutions such as cloud, server, and storage to IT consulting and implementation services. Kakao Bank has been using Dell’s solutions and services in various fields.

The CEO Yoon said, “It was a meaningful event to share the direction of the future financial platform and strengthen mutual partnership. Kakao Bank will continue financial innovation by expanding collaboration with companies with the world’s best technology.”

Michael Dell said, “I would like to thank Kakao Bank for establishing a good cooperative relationship with Dell. It was a meaningful time to discuss how to apply Dell’s solution for Kakao Bank’s success in business.”

-Naver presents 13 papers at the International Conference on Computer Vision, the most ever

Naver proved its AI technology prowess by presenting 13 papers at the International Conference on Computer Vision (or ICCV), which was the most ever.

These papers were presented in an official session along with Naver Labs Europe and Line at the online conference held from October 1th to the 17the. One of these papers had the honor of being presented orally, which is only given to about 3% of the research.

Naver has been participating in ICCV since 2017. Since then, it has strengthened its investment in AI, and the number of papers accepted has been increasing every year.

Naver also presented a paper that can be applied to actual services at ICCV.

The papers are written about the technology that can efficiently create fonts even with a little amount of handwriting data and image recognition technology.

Ha Jung-woo, Leader of Naver Clova AI LAB, said, “AI is now evolving beyond research into a technology that creates new values in people’s lives. Naver has been investing in a wide range of AI technologies, from AI theory to research that can be applied to actual services, and it is consistently reaping results.”

He added, “The revitalization of industry-university cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes such as Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and University of Tubingen also contributed to these achievements.”

-AISSGO opens the second unmanned convenience store AISSGO24 in Pangyo

AISSGO (CEO Park Jin-seok) opened an additional AI unmanned store AISSGO24 in the U-Space Building in Pangyo Technovalley in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, on October 19th.

It is the second AI unmanned convenience store in Korea, following an unmanned liquor store in Gogeung-dong, Seongnam last May. A third store will also open in Yeoksam-dong in Gangnam this month.
AISSGO plans to open its 10th store by the end of this year. Aside fom Pangyo Techno Valley, it is targeting other areas like Gangnam, Songdo, Incheon, and Jeju.

The reason for designating Pangyo Techno Valley as a strategic location for store expansion is the concentration of younger workers, such as those at gaming companies. Seventy-eight percent of the employees working in Pangyo companies are in their 20s and 30s.

Kim Young-jun is a 34-year-old man who is the owner of the second store. He said, “I chose AISSGO24 because I was able to keep my current job. Unlike the self-checkout stores where the customers have to check in the barcodes, it features completely autonomous payment system, which makes checkouts more reliable.”

AISSGO has recently completed simple payment partnership with Kakao and NHN, and it is expanding its market.

AISSGO24 convenience store can be customized by selecting the types of items to sell from alcoholic beverages, finger snacks, ready-to-cook foods, meal kits, tobacco, and more that can be sold 24 hours without human surveillance.

-AhnLab holds ISF 2021 for intelligent transformation beyond digital transformation

On October 20th, AhnLab held its annual security conference ISF 2021. The latest security trends and AhnLab’s strategies and technologies were introduced there.

Kang Seok-gyun, CEO of AhnLab, said, “Since telecommuting and the cloud became common with COVID-19, cyber threats are on the rise. These threats that have already become advanced will not go away even if COVID-19 goes away. With digital transformation, we are required to optimize new technologies according to the characteristics and conditions of the organization and strengthen security.”

AhnLab put special emphasis is on operational technology (OT), cloud tech, and artificial intelligence (AI).

OT systems mostly made up of closed networks are theoretically a safe environment, but in reality, the system is damaged through methods such as accessing the OT system by infecting the IT system connected to the OT system or the user’s PC. Therefore, a security strategy specialized for OT is needed.

Han Chang-gyu, Head of the AhnLab Security Emergency response Center (or ASEC), advised that an understanding of cloud security is needed while corporate IT infrastructure is being transferred to the cloud.

He emphasized that (one) Cloud operators are not fully responsible for security problems, (two) Threats inherent in the cloud environment exist, (three) Security threats that existed in the on-premise environment also exist in the cloud, (and finally) an increase in threats targeting the Linux platform used in the cloud environment as the major threats, and he asserted that appropriate countermeasures must be prepared.

Source: Pangyo Techno Valley Official Newsroom