SIWSE 2021 selects “BEST of Wines & Sprits Expo 2021”

In SIWSE 2021, the global news network AVING News selected companies to receive the BEST OF Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 award.

For this award, AVING News selected outstanding products based on product technology, innovation, marketability, design, and audience response. The companies will get separate news articles so that they can utilize it, and the news will also be posted in English.

In this year’s SIWSE, all kinds of liquor ranging from wine to beer, spirits, and traditional liquor, as well as related foods such as cheese and olives, accessories, equipment, transportation, packaging, and related equipment were displayed in one venue.

SIWSE is the only comprehensive liquor exhibition in Korea and attracts more than 25,000 buyers and visitors every year. Also, it provides an exhibition platform where various products covering the entire liquor industry are showcased and promoted directly to the buyers.

Also, by considering the characteristics of the liquor industry, which must respond sensitively to rapidly changing trends, the SIWSE will hold systematic alcoholic beverage events and seminars for the growth of related businesses. Through this event, related workers can find a space where they can identify industry trends and conduct effective business meetings based on them to develop new market channels.

The selected companies for BEST OF Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 are as follows.

△ Wellfish △Gayangjujak △ Ivy Agricultural Cooperative

Jeong Yeo-ul, the CEO of Wellfish, is holding the award board of BEST OF Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Wellfish introduces Baked Pollack Skin Chips, a pub snack made with pollack skins!

Under the slogan “FROM THE SEA, IT’S BETTER FOR YOU,” we are developing snacks by using fish, without having to worry about anything else. The company began this business to solve the problems of producers for innovation in the fishery industry, so the first priority was to make products by using fish. Also, it is collaborating with the Fisheries Department of Tongyeong-si to make new products.

The company is running a wellness fish snack brand DRUNKEN FISH. At the exhibition, Baked Pollack Skin Chips, first snack from DRUNKEN FISH was exhibited. It was made by roasting pollack skins.

This baked version of pollack skins was made for the consumers who feel overwhelmed by pollack skin that is fried. It comes in three flavors: original, wasabi, and spicy.

Wellfish CEO Jeong said, “We plan to gradually release anchovy snack, dumplings, sundae, eel, and we aim to advance overseas through the development of highly processed foods. Like the second fried seaweed snack, we want to make products that can enhance the competitiveness of fish produced in Korea. Furthermore, we are planning to make various products so that many people can enjoy seafood at home comfortably by reaching to rice side dishes or various HMR types.”

Kim Eun-seong, the CEO of Gayangjujak, is holding the award board of BEST OF Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 | Photo by AVING News

Gayangjujak introduces liquor long-aged in low-temperature loess aging room!

Gayangjujak started as a member of a traditional liquor club of the Gunpo Daeyami Town Cooperative, and opened a brewery as part of an economic project for a sustainable town community. It is the first house traditional liquor specialty store established in Korea after systemizing house makgeolli by revising the liquor tax law in February 2016. It is brewing Korean liquor in a traditional way.  The company has acquired license to make unrefined, medicinal, and general liquor, and is now selling the liquor.

“Suamju,” the liquor the company exhibited this time, was named after the second highest peak in Surisan Mountain. The taste of alcohol fermented for seven days is aged for three months in the loess aging room maintained at 5 degrees all year round. The aged liquor tastes like various fruits, and it has a dry taste.

Also, the company introduced Aloi series, its soju distilled and aged with Aronia fruit. All the distilled liquor used in Aloi are made by hand, and the company used locally grown Aronia.

Alcohol tends to absorb surrounding odors, and to prevent miscellaneous odors from mixing with alcohol, a low-temperature loess aging room was created. Loess help yeast to settle in well, and maintain a consistent taste. Even if yeast is not added to alcohol, the loess storage room takes care of that. In the beginning of the business, yeast was not settled in properly and the taste was uneven, so yeast was added to the alcohol to adjust the taste, but over time, the environment has been stabilized and yeast is no longer needed.

Yang Kyeong-yeol, the CEO of Ivy Agricultural Cooperative, is holding the award board of BEST OF Wines & Sprits Expo 2021| Photo by AVING News

Ivy Agricultural Cooperative introduces Honeymoon Wine made with honey!

Honeymoon Wine presented at this exhibition can be used as an aperitif to stimulate appetite. Also, it goes well with all types of food, whether it is Korean or Western. Honeymoon Wine is a traditional wine that reproduces fermented wine and has a low alcohol content. Its main target is female consumers.

Honeymoon Wine was launched in 2011 and commercialized in 2012. It received the grand prize in The Sool Fair in the first year of launching. Also, it has been selected as Korea’s Best Wine Gold Promise Wine Award and as an outstanding product from Seoul Awards. The company achieved secondary industrialization by fermenting and processing natural honey without additives.

Thanks to this, the company is also actively entering the global market. It is exporting to Singapore and China now, and is even looking for exporting to Europe, the region where wine originated from.

Hosted by Korea Int’l Exhibition Co, the 17th Seoul International Wines & Sprits Expo 2021 is Korea’s only largest liquor exhibition held in Seoul, and is known as the best platform for liquor sales, promotion and business expansion. Along with systematic liquor side events and seminars, Seoul International Wines & Spirits Expo was held concurrently with the International Beer and Equipment Industry Exhibition and World Traditional Liquor Festival.

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