Special Award with Citizen’s Voting at Seoul Design Competition

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘SDO 2008’) — <Visual News> Seoul City has selected the winning works at the Seoul Design Competition that was open on the 10th as an event for Seoul Design Olympic (SDO) 2008 and announced them on October 16.

The winning works will be exhibited at the special exhibition arena for the Seoul Design Competition in Jamsil Sports Complex until October 30 and the award ceremony will be held on October 30.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Earthen field

Jangchung sport mainstadium Renovation
Jang Ik-sik (Hue Daim Co., Ltd., Korea)

“Current Jangchung Gymnasium (aged/declining energy efficiency/lack of citizen participation) is encountered with the crisis of closure, and it would be re-visited (Related to Namsan Renaissance – Scenery/ ecology/ history and culture for succession and advancement) to have the new renovation as the historic place to have the reminisces and sorrows of Seoul City citizens – Open up the building roof (Replacement – glass greenhouse – Terrarium/night light) through the remodeling (green house, care/water garden/ traditional folk play, performance, meeting area/living sports facilities) with turning it to new favorite site for people in Seoul with the rearrangement of interior and exterior by using the environmentally friendly energy (solar energy, underground water) and it would upgrade the image of the status for the city.”

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Earthen field

Nanji Recycle Theme Park
Lee Eun-woo (Environment Design at Konkuk University, Korea)
Moon Suk-jin (Product Design at Konkuk University, Korea)

Nanjido still has the image of waste disposal land. Therefore, the proposed Namjido Recycling Theme Park project would generate the synergy effect along with Han River Renaissance and has the goal of accessibility to the Western coast and image structuring as the recycling resources. For the above three purposes, the plan is made for the structures using the recycled resource and pro-environment resources, the Mobius strip type of landmark implementing the perpetual nature and recycling, and maximize the strength as the hub of marine transportation.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Earthen field

Reconstructing the Cityscape
Kim Kyung-sang (Kookmin University, Korea)

The goal of the project is in experiencing the urban scenery of the past, present and future through the new land. The lines of the past and present across the site are connected and the land separated by the road would be communicated, and the topography on the connection line along Han River would restore into the path and space. View frames are connected to the major lines to experience the external sceneries, and people would feel the history and identity of Seoul for people with the historic space and new event space.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Water field

Korea’s four seasons conducted by nature

Im Un-jung (Media Design Dept. at Graduate School of Hansung University, Korea)

Vivaldi, an Italian composer, expressed the nature of his homeland in beautiful music. This work product is produced with the purpose of making comparison to that of Vivaldi for beautiful four seasons, and it would aim for publicity of Korea at home and abroad.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Water field

Seoul – Oriental Scribbling Painting
Kim Hyun-ah (Visual Design Dept. at Dankook University (Jukjeon), Korea)
Lee Cheong (Visual Design Dept. at Kyunghee University, Korea)
Im Yong-hyuk (Visual Design Dept. at Kyunghee University, Korea)
Jang Soon-kyu (Visual Design Dept. at Dankook University (Jukjeon), Korea)
Jun Sung-chan (Fashion Design Dept. at Dankook University (Jukjeon), Korea)

Ceaselessly changing city, world’s fastest changing city, pursuing new changes with nothing to last 10 years in the, and the word of changing challenge would be the brand for Seoul City. I wanted to express that in Korean painting. And it is the Korean painting with the feeling of scribbling. That is very dynamic. And it has the new feeling from the Korean painting with the sentiment of Asia. Classic painting that is not such a classic after all! I felt that it would be very attractive to have the illustration with the Korean color and the region for people who came to the city to remember.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Wind field

Petal bench
Park Je-sung (362 ˚ , Korea)

This would stimulate the sensitivity of people with the shape and color, not just a space to sit and rest. The PETAL bench has the flower leaf shape of unique shape to stimulate the curiosity of people, and it attracts the environmentally friendly and sensitive thinking in urbanized Seoul. It gives the feeling of fantasy as if the fairy sits on the flower leaf. And, the center of the bench has the solar heat plate to save the solar heat during the day, and the energy will be facilitated as the energy for night light.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Wind field

Rhythmical air in the subway
Jin Ko-un (Seoul National University of Technology, Korea)
Jang Yoon-jin (Seoul National University of Technology, Korea)
Hwang Yoon-sil (Seoul National University of Technology, Korea)

Many people use subway everyday but there is hardly any elements of fun. The newly designed opening gate makes the sound of traditional musical instruments (Gayageum, Sogeum and Janggu) when passing through it, and it would have the harmony when several people pass at the same time. Citizens become the main subject of making the traditional music in the subways. In addition, the blocks of fan-shape emerges the Korean image even more. This system may provide fun for citizens by deviating from the dry image of the subway and easily impress the Korean image for foreigners.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Fire field

Kim Sun-hee (Samsung Design Membership, Korea)
Park Sung-woo (Samsung Design Membership, Korea)

The disposed battery become a small seed to blossom the flowers of light. For each year, numerous batteries are thrown off without making separate collection. Two waste batteries would lighten a fire of LED that needs 2V of voltage. Energy Seed uses the remaining volume of the waste battery to lighten the LED light by collected on the waste battery collection box in public areas. The waste battery uses Energy Seed to born again as the light to brighten the darkness in a way of reducing the environmental pollution. When the battery is inserted on the Energy Seed that has the shape of blossomed flower on the pot, people would feel the fun to implant the seed.

Special Award with Citizen’s Voting – Fire field

Hang on Outlet
Oh Sang-bae (Freelancer Designer, Korea)

Power consumption takes a significant volume of household power consumption of approximately 11%. Therefore, people frequently pull off the plug to save energy and they just put it on the floor for they do not have a great place to put down the plug. However, the plug on the floor may generate many types of problems and it does not look good either. Hang on Outlet is the outlet design to hang the plug on. By using the Hang on Outlet, energy can be saved safely and conveniently.

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